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Piercing U

University‚Äč of Body Piercing

Start a New Career!

Body Piercing Artist 

Just 12 Weeks

2 DAYS per week

Piercing University will provide all you need to know in this fast paced growing industry. 


Body Piercing 101

We provide education on the History of Body Modification, Extensitve knowledge of Aftercare and Wound Care. You will BBP and First aide Certified as well as Business education specifically  to a Body Piercer. 

One of our main focus, is to create more collective knowledge and more qualified Body Modification Artist available.

This course in intensive but manageable in the real world with work and family life:)

This is your chance to enter an Industry with complete up to date knowledge of procedures and protocols to run a safe and clean business. In most states, you need to show proof of apprenticeship with a Professional Body Piercer. The education covers everything from piercing, set up and tear down, jewelry, metals and sizing clients for upgraded jewelry.

The Body Modification Industry has made a lot of changes in the last few years involving aftercare practice, sterilization techniques, as well as changes in body jewelry.  At Piercing University, we will make sure you have all the tools to build a long lasting, invigorating career in Body Arts!! Let's get you started in a new career that Sparkles:}