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Piercing U

University​ of Body Piercing


Our Story

I’ve loved every minute of my journey

Ohio Grown est 2011

I started stabbing in 2010 and it has been quiet the journey getting here. Between working in shops in Ohio and Az, Salons and private studios, I have been able to hone my skills in Body Piercing and aftercare has become my specialty. With my previous training in Nursing wound care, DDS, Iand being a Massage Therapist, am able to provide quality training and certification in a evolving industry.

Take that step to a new career in Body Modification

Choose between Morning or evening classes to make it easy to learn the material and actually remember it!  Only 2 days a week for 8 weeks to a new skill trade!! 

Become your own boss or work in a badass studio with a fun crowd.

You will learn, Aftercare, Anatomy, Jewelry styles, Business strategies for being a Body Piercer, and Marketing & Advertising. You will be more than just a piercer. You will be your own boss as a Body Piercing Artist!

The big market that needs qualified piercers?? Children's Ear Piercings. You can be part of a growing business that is making a standard of practice in this modern age.  


Informed and friendly service. I will definitely return for my next piercing!

-Kate P.